New Dish

Hot Spicy (Cantonese Style)

Hot Spicy Chicken (S) 5.95 (L) 8.95
Hot Spicy Fish (S) 6.50 (L) 9.95
Hot Spicy Beef or Shrimp (S) 6.95 (L) 9.95

Salt Pepper

Salt Pepper Shrimp (S) 5.99 (L) 9.99
Salt Pepper Squid (S) 6.99 (L) 11.99
Salt Pepper Shrimp with Ginger and Scallion (S) 5.99 (L) 9.99
Salt Pepper Grill Shrimp 6.99

Pad Thai

Chicken or Pork Pad Thai 8.95
Shrimp or Beef Pad Thai 9.95